Big Data and Artificial Intelligence systems for biomedicine that improve the results in each patient

The smart algorithms we designed for the biomedical field improve health service outcomes and help accelerate clinical and pharmaceutical research.

But, above all, it allows each patient to benefit from what the system learns from the rest of the patients, improving the patients’ expectancy and quality of life in a personalized way. This is the main mission of Naru Intelligence.

Because each of us is a hypothetical patient. And we all have someone close who has or has had cancer or another chronic disease.

How we do it?

Step, the intuitive and simple solution that reduces the impact of severe complications of cancer patients and improves their evolution

We have used our proprietary algorithmic technology to develop Step, a smart cloud system to improve monitoring outcomes for severe adverse effects (SEA) in cancer and other serious chronic disease patients.

Step is based on Artificial Intelligence technologies that analyze data from the entire population to learn from each patient. Its aim is to support doctors and hospitals to improve decision making, and the pharmaceutical industry to help demonstrate the real response of different patient profiles to treatments.

Step is a product that offers these services globally. However, due to its versatility, it is also possible to get Step based on the specific service you need to use.

Step, fulfills its objective thanks to its three functional modules:


Medical device software that helps the healthcare team to detect SAE earlier, optimizing personal resources and economic resources in the follow-up of patients.


An analytical software application that learns from each patient so that future similar patients avoid the same complications.


Medical software device that allows the healthcare team to predict the risks of EAS for each patient based on the treatment selected.

And that's how one day we decided to research against cancer

As in the majority of families, we have also suffered from cancer in our own families. One day we decided to use our passion for research to do something really useful for the patient. That’s how Naru Intelligence was created.

Since then we have been working to innovate in biomedicine through big data and artificial intelligence as well as managing a fantastic team of people with great personal and scientific potential.

Results generate

At Naru Intelligence we feel very grateful to have experienced success, support and recognition since the beginning of our project. Thanks to the public and private entities that trust in our work, we have been able to expand our offerings in biomedical products.

Would you like to work with us?

We tend to think that every time we begin working in the morning, we improve the world in which we live. At Naru Intelligence we work with passion, humility, good atmosphere…

… and, of course, with top-level big data and artificial intelligence technology. If you feel ready and want to grow professionally with this project, we are waiting for you.

Your goals
are also ours

At Naru Intelligence we design smart solutions in biomedicine for patients, hospitals and the pharmaceutical industry.
If you would like to receive further information about Step or would like to find out more about the possibilities of big data and artificial intelligence in your project, you can contact us by filling out the following form. Let’s build the biomedicine of the future together!