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Eider Sanchez and Maider Alberich awarded in the Mademoiselle Basque competition for female entrepreneurs

On 3 October, 12 projects by women entrepreneurs and artists were awarded at the Mademoiselle Basque competition based on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The Mademoiselle Basque award winners with the sponsors and organizers.

In particular, Eider Sanchez and Maider Alberich were awarded together with the artist Maria Carrasco for Goal 3 Health and Well-being. Together, they have worked on the creation of the artwork that arises from the combination of
Naru’s breast cancer beginnings, with the artist’s mission to raise awareness and bring to life the important social issues of women.

Maider Alberich, María Carrasco and Eider Sánchez next to the artwork created during the process.