These are some of the news that our daily activity generates in Naru Intelligence.

Naru Intelligence participates in the III Curso Internacional Ingenios Tecnológicos Avanzados

On Thursday October 6th Naru Intelligence participated in the III Curso Internacional Ingenios Tecnológicos Avanzados of HM Hospitals where cutting-edge advances in the field of oncological medicine were presented.

We had the opportunity to present our advances in artificial intelligence applied to the monitoring of patients under treatment for the identification of adverse events and we presented several of our initiatives. Among them, the one we are developing with Dr. César Muñoz from HM Hospitales to develop a tool for cancer survivors.

Elena Santana from Naru in her presentation ‘IT solutions to support oncology patients’

Besides to our initiatives, highly innovative proposals were presented on early detection of diseases thanks to AI applied to medical imaging, new biomaterials for orthopedic oncological surgery, new therapies or microchip technology for detection of circulating tumor cells.