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Naru Intelligence participates in SpainUpNation event promoted by ENISA

Naru Intelligence participated in the event SpainUpNation, the brand that represents Spain as an entrepreneurial and innovative country and which is promoted by ENISA. The event, which was held last Monday, November 6, was a meeting between the entrepreneurial community and economic and institutional agents of Donostia – San Sebastian.
The event, held at the Palacio de Congresos y Auditorio Kursaal and led by the presenter, Helena de Fuentes, is part of a tour of 40 provinces for promoting the local economy and reinforcing Spain’s role as a global leader in innovative entrepreneurship. 
In addition to the presentation of the different financing tools and certification as an entrepreneurial company provided by ENISA, the audience was able to enjoy different presentations framed within the concept of #conversacionesEnisa, including that of Miren Estefano, head of finance and human resources at Naru Intelligence, and Arkaitz Bastida, CEO of Sabbatic.
The event was also attended by Naiara López Urionabarrenechea, head of Entrepreneurship at ELKARGI, who stressed that “collaboration is what builds the entrepreneurial ecosystem we have in the Basque Country” and valued the effort they make, together with other entities, to “bring funding to startups”.
Presenter Helena de Fuentes, Arkaitz Bastida CEO of Sabbatic, Miren Estefano Head of finance and HR of Naru and Antoni Rondan from ENISA’s communication team