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Naru Intelligence shows the usability of its product Step Monitoring participating in the technological showroom of the Donostia Innovation Tek

On Tuesday, October 25, the Naru Intelligence team participated in the technological showroom organized by Fomento San Sebastián as part of the Donostia Innovation Challenge.In this event, Naru carried out a living lab to show the functionalities of its product Step Monitoring, from the perspective of the patient at home and the clinical team at the hospital.

Naru intelligence team members during the technologic showroom

Step Monitoring is a digital product that allows continuous monitoring of patients undergoing cancer treatment. The product is designed so that any patient, regardless of their age or cultural level, understands and uses the tool in a clear and intuitive way. This allows the product to be used in a simple and comfortable way for the patient without the need for any specific training.

Thanks to Step Monitoring, direct and real-time communication between the patient and the clinical team is facilitated. The patient feels accompanied and cared all the time since he can to transmit information about his health status when necessary, improving his confidence, tranquility and quality of life.

Thanks to the event, organized by Fomento San Sebastián, Naru Intelligence showed the work carried out to optimize and improve the usability of the product, making it accessible to any type of patient and facilitating its use in a simple and comfortable way.