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Step Monitoring, making a difference throughout the entire journey of the cancer patient

In the healthcare sector, and especially in oncology, clinical processes are complicated, and treatments are complex and emotional experiences for cancer patients.

Our digital platform, Step Monitoring, facilitates remote monitoring so that clinical teams can anticipate complications in their patients. We develop our platform in continuous collaboration with patients, healthcare professionals and researchers, regularly meeting with experts from all fields and sharing knowledge to make Step Monitoring extremely easy to use. Well-designed software can significantly improve patient outcomes and quality of life, as well as the workload of clinical staff.

At Naru, usability testing is a core activity in our product development cycle and is conducted with both patient users and healthcare professionals. They are an essential part of product development, helping to create more user-friendly products by involving real users and getting their perspective and feedback. In addition, they help to meet the established usability objectives and facilitate the incorporation of Step Monitoring into normal clinical practice, since patients do not require any prior training.

In the following video, Naru’s Head of Software Development, Roberto Álvarez, tells us about the advantages of our pioneering Step Monitoring technology, developed in accordance with international standards and that complies with applicable legislation on medical devices. Step is a system based on scientific evidence that is committed to quality, cybersecurity, privacy of patient data, and the power of each and every one of the patients to improve current knowledge about cancer and treatments. Thanks to Step, patients, clinicians, and researchers work as a team to improve the quality of life of present and future patients.

Roberto Álvarez, Head of Software Development at Naru Intelligence