These are some of the news that our daily activity generates in Naru Intelligence.

The start of the journey

As a beautiful Japanese proverb says, “even the longest journey begins with a single step“.

With this wise popular saying, we want to start our new journey, our new project: NARU.

In Japanese, NARU means to evolve, to become something better. We work to apply our knowledge and existing technology to the biomedical field, in favor of a better society.

NARU brings order to the chaotic nature of medical data. It uses medical records, quality of life measurements and genetic references to compare and relate through statistical analysis. That is, to evolve and facilitate the understanding and visualization of this amalgam of information, seemingly unconnected, through an exhaustive population analysis.

These types of studies derive, for example, from a useful stratification of patients and the correct identification of their respective profiles. In this way, we can conclude on the most effective treatments for each case.

NARU personalizes biomedicine. It is a configurable tool to optimize biomedical services, to go further.

Step by step, we work and commit ourselves to change our present and improve the future.

Do you want to join us in this journey?