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Naru receives a grant of 170,100 euros from the CDTI’s Neotec 2018 programme

Naru Intelligence has received support from the CDTI, the Centre for Industrial Technology Development of the Ministry of Science and Innovation, through its Neotec 2018 programme, in which it has been awarded a grant of 170,100 euros. The aid received is aimed at developing the STEP project, a technological solution to improve the quality of life of cancer patients.

Thanks to the support of the CDTI, Naru will be able to accelerate the development and validation of its technology aimed at improving the results of treatment for patients and hospital equipment. It is expected that Naru will be able to generate a great impact and disruption in oncology, enabling hospitals, oncologists and researchers to improve real-world patient follow-up and accelerate knowledge in oncology based on the ability to learn from each patient.