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Disruptores e Innovadores El Español interviews Naru Intelligence as a driver of a paradigm shift in cancer care

Disruptores e Innovadores El Español interviews Naru Intelligence and highlights the impact of its technology in the field of biomedicine, specifically in cancer care to accelerate research and further improve outcomes for cancer patients.

During the interview, topics such as the main limitation faced by the healthcare sector was covered: generating global results without centers and patients having to hand over their data to third parties. Naru’s technology solves this barrier by enabling researchers and medical teams to access quality global tools and information that allow them to improve the quality of life and outcomes of cancer patients without compromising patient identity or sharing information between centers. Naru already has an extensive track record of national and international collaborations with centers and industry, and focuses its 2024 on the consolidation and expansion of its role as a technology partner in Europe.

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